Patient-centered women's health clinic

Welcome to Maven Centre: where clinicians share the common goal
of providing truly patient-centered, collaborative, and holistic care.

Maven Centre was borne out of a desire to provide expert gynaecological care to women in Melbourne’s west. We acknowledge the relative paucity of specialist care in Melbourne’s western suburbs: combined with a growing population, this makes it difficult to access specialist care in a timely fashion.

Our intentions in founding this practice were to create a safe space for patients and clinicians alike: a space of transparency and open communication; a space free of judgement. A space where we all work towards a common goal: to empower you with the information to make the best choices for your body.

We acknowledge that not all of our patients will identify as women. We welcome trans and non-binary patients; please ask that we address you by your preferred pronouns.

We acknowledge the decades of women who came before us: who were dismissed, ignored, and told that pain was normal. We are thankful that these stories are changing, and that we can be a part of this change.

Our clinic is located within Sunshine Private Hospital • VIEW MAP

Our Values

We uphold the highest values and standards
as experts in the care of women and their health.
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We live by the principle that patience, kindness and warmth are as important as the clinical care we provide.

We recognise the privilege in looking after someone at their most vulnerable.

We aim to provide women with the knowledge, confidence and courage to choose the optimal path forward in their care.

We welcome all ethnicities and sexualities and are strong supporters of the LGBTQIA community.

As women, we understand the sensitive nature of gynaecological concerns; we aim to provide a safe space for these to be explored.

Our patients are at the heart of all we do: we help our patients to live healthier, and more positive lives.

Maven Centre clinicians have exemplary clinical knowledge: we provide our patients with the best evidence-based care.

We hold our patients, our colleagues, and our environment in the highest regard; our daily practices reflect this.

We are committed to ensuring environmental and social sustainability in the healthcare setting.

"As a feminist, I feel privileged
that I'm able to advocate for
women every single day."
- Dr Sneha Parghi

"I'm proud to have brought together such a wonderful group of excellent clinicians."
- Dr Alison Bryant-Smith

We offer integrity, respect & compassion in every interaction.