Maven Centre is a women’s health clinic that we have created to empower women, and support them in living healthy, fulfilling lives. Our vision was to create a safe space for patients and clinicians alike, with a focus on transparency and open communication. Together, we envisioned a better kind of healthcare model: a space where we all work towards a common goal: to empower patients with the information needed to make the best choices for their bodies.

In addition, we had seen firsthand the scarcity of specialist care in Melbourne’s growing western suburbs, and the challenges patients face when trying to access specialist care in a timely fashion. We wanted to help the women of Melbourne’s western suburbs, by providing expert women’s health clinicians close to home. Our vision became a reality in April 2023, when we opened Maven Centre’s doors within Sunshine Private Hospital.

Our motivations when founding Maven Centre were informed by our previous experiences as doctors, surgeons, mothers, sisters, and even patients. We had seen various models of care, and wanted to improve upon them!

We are committed to providing compassionate, patient-centred care. We believe that every woman deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of her background or circumstances. We have assembled a team of passionate healthcare professionals who share this commitment, and who will work together to provide comprehensive, personalised care to each patient.

We acknowledge that not all of our patients will be women, or identify as women. We welcome trans and non-binary patients; please ask that we address you by your preferred pronouns. We acknowledge the decades of women who came before us: who were dismissed, ignored, and told that pain was normal. We are thankful that these stories are changing, and that we can be a part of this change.

We are grateful for the opportunity to improve the lives of all women who visit Maven Centre. We remain committed to our vision of a world where every woman has access to the care and support she needs to thrive.

We look forward to collaborating with you to help you to be your best.