Can you tell us a bit about your professional background?

I completed my undergraduate training in the UK, at Bristol University in 2007. I gained a great deal of experience during my hospital rotations in emergency medicine, gynaecology, urology, respiratory medicine, and psychiatry before beginning my General Practice rotations.

It was during my gynaecology placement that I was inspired by my consultants by the wide variety of women’s health issues that existed. I was lucky enough to work with the urogynaecologist to run the so-called ‘Wet Women’s Clinic’, to offer support and services for women with urinary incontinence: an issue that many women had been suffering with in silence. I have since trained in intra-uterine device (IUD) insertion, and shared maternity care for my patients.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2016 with partner and 2 children, I have enjoyed working as a GP in Sunshine, and getting to know the wide variety of patients and cultures that reside there. I continue to train medical students from Melbourne University, and attempt to inspire them around women’s health. I also train GP Registrars in Sunshine, which I find so rewarding; they enjoy the variety of work we provide.

Since completing my training, I have enjoyed using my hospital knowledge to help women in General Practice. I take time discuss all aspects of my patient’s story and try to offer the information that women require to make their own informed decisions around treatment. My approach has always been to educate women to understand the medicine behind their symptoms and I feel gentle communication is key to this.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, on a personal level?

I am originally from the UK and we moved over here more than 8 years ago for a better work/life balance, having never even been to Australia before! Luckily, we really enjoy Melbourne life and all it has to offer. I love exploring the Victorian countryside with the kids, through camping trips and walks, or occasional visits to the snow. What a treat to live in a city that boasts beaches, lakes, bush, mountains and snow!

I have always tended to keep fit by running, and previously ran 3 half marathons for charity in the UK. We are a musical family, and while my daughter sings, and we both love to play classical piano, my son prefers to thump on his drum kit. I love the music, film and comedy festivals that Melbourne has to offer and I feel lucky we have chosen this culturally diverse city to live in.

What areas of women’s health do you specialise in / what areas are you particularly passionate about?

The best part of being a GP is the holistic care involved in tending to patients. Over the years, I have trained in contraception, gynaecology, pregnancy options, and antenatal care. Women’s health issues and needs shift throughout our lifetimes, and I am so glad to see women coming in to discuss treatment options for menstrual/period problems, fertility concerns and menopausal symptoms.
Mental health is also a huge part of women’s health as our lives, bodies and hormones change through time. I want to hear about any issues that are affecting you, and will endeavour to tend to your needs.

What made you decide to become part of the Maven Centre team?

As a GP working in the Western suburbs for over 8 years, I have been referring my patients to the Maven Centre since it opened. I was immediately impressed by the care and attention the specialists were able to provide, and the communication that I received was equally informative.

My patients felt safe and genuinely cared for by the team here, so it was an exciting privilege to be approached by Alison and Sneha to consider using my Women’s Health GP skills to work with the Maven team.

It has always been my dream to work with a team of women whose true focus is the care of women’s health problems. To me, women have always shown such strength and continue to support others around them. They tend to the old, the young, family members and support other women, as well as work colleagues. It is time that our energy focused on women, and I truly find satisfaction in listening to women, and helping to improve their health and happiness.

What do you hope to achieve by being a part of Maven Centre?

I hope that being part of a multidisciplinary women’s health team will improve our patients’ care during their journey to health and wellbeing. It is exciting to watch the Maven team here grow to cover so many aspects of women’s health. I feel privileged to assist patients within this supportive environment.

Finally, what do you hope patients take away from their interactions with you and the Maven Centre?

As a GP, I have spent over 15 years listening to patients and their wide range of needs. I hope patients feel safe and relaxed enough in the Maven Centre environment to discuss any issues that are affecting them. I believe that the supportive team at Maven Centre will listen and help to provide the best care we can during your journey with us.

We look forward to collaborating with you to help you to be your best.